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  • The Best Coin/Bullion Company (1/27/2018)

    Best Coin/Bullion company I have ever worked with. They treat customers like gold, precious and valuable.  I’ve referred at least ten people to Harry and he has never let me down – always polite, helpful and sending my friends back to me saying, thanks for the referral – Harry gave me good product and at a good price.  I consistently research to see if there are any other companies around the country that can beat their prices and as yet have never found even one – EVER.  The best thing about CNI – they have proven to me time and time again that they are the most trustworthy coin dealer in the country.

    5 Stars

  • Thank You Dana (1/17/2018)
    Dana, You have a first class representative of yourself, and CNI. I appreciate your

    help. Please forward to your superiors. CNI has always exceded my expectations.
    Look forward to my order. GM
    5 Stars
  • I Love Their Prices & The Daily Gold Newsletter (12/13/2017)

    Thank You,

    Drove to Inglewood to purchase Bullion, Transactions were handled professionally. Advise was based upon my investment goals. Basically buying Government minted bullion at low spread.

    My purchase was two parts cash and certified check, I walked out with the former and received the latter by delivery after a waiting period.

    I also enjoy reading the Gold Newsletter, it is difficult to find objective information now days.
    Reading the Gold Newsletter feels educational to me on how the markets react to each other and world news.

    I feel very fortunate to be within driving distance of what I feel is the best Bullion Dealer both online and brick and mortar.


    4 Stars

  • Everything is perfect! (11/16/2017)

    Hi Alex,
    Thank you for your time!!! Everything is perfect!

    5 Stars

  • I Have Complete Trust In Them (10/30/2017)

    I have used this companies services years ago and I have complete trust in it.  Just buy your insurance and they will fill your order or send your check.

    5 Stars

  • Thank You (10/13/2017)

    Thank you. I’m a relative newbie. Buying silver so glad I found you guys.


    5 Stars

  • You Guys Are The Best! (7/18/2017)

    Thanks for your amazing, stupendous help.  Words cannot express my appreciation.  You are trustworthy and I have always been dealt with fairly over the years.


    5 Stars

  • Thank you. I’m a relative newbie. (4/27/2017)

    Thank you. I’m a relative newbie. Buying silver so glad I found you guys.

    4 stars

  • You guys are the best! (4/16/2017)

    Mailed my check yesterday. You guys are the best!

    4 stars

  • Coins are in perfect condition. (4/6/2017)

    Just arrived!!  Perfect condition.  Thank you very much

    5 stars

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