Meghan @ 05/17/2018 03:19

This are some sayings that come to mind when I think about CNI:

As good as gold-
I am not sure Angelino’s are fully appreciating how lucky we are to have a business such as CNI available to us. They are well about the norm.

A gold mine of information:
I have learned so much from them. I don’t feel like they baby me, but they give me the information I need in order easily expand my knowledge base.

Worth its weight in gold:
Absolutely. Consistently have the fairest if not best prices around. I think at times I think of them as the “Buy it now” store. They are so incredibly competitive that it takes almost no time to go from “interest” to “ownership” on their items.

Sitting on a gold mine:
I have friends in other states that range from collectors to stackers. They always tell me how jealous they are that I have CNI so close to me.

Golden years:
Some day their customers will look back through their history with CNI and know they those were golden years.

Golden oldies:
35 years and still running strong. I have never had a bad experience with them and I will continue to rely on them for the bulk of my acquiring my holdings of wealth and knowledge.

I have worked with Ken Edwards, The other Ken, Alex and Harry a little bit. All gave me a great deal of respect and patience when I was new.

Alex is my primary and I appreciate him so much.

The main security guy is so attentive and friendly and I feel completely safe there.

If you are new to collecting or stacking, do yourself a favor and give them a try. They are very busy and professional. They will not baby you. Know what you want. Have your questions written out. They are as busy as they are because they are efficient.

I echo a comment below my own:
“I consistently research to see if there are any other companies around the country that can beat their prices and as yet have never found even one – EVER. The best thing about CNI – they have proven to me time and time again that they are the most trustworthy coin dealer in the country.5 Stars”

Thank you CNI, you have made my journey rich in knowledge and enjoyment. I am so happy that my friend John introduced me to you.

5 Stars

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