Chaz54 @ 12/02/2017 09:29

If you are searching for a REPUTABLE company, look no further.
I was just reviewing my purchase when I noticed I had not reviewed this company; I’m now going to rectifying that oversight.
It can be a ‘minefield’ out there (as opposed to a precious metal mine!) and it is becoming increasingly hard to trust, no matter how well one thinks they did their research.
I did A LOT of research but still, as a novice, I was truly worried when it came down to the actual purchase/wire transfer.
This is what matters:
– No question was too small.
– I never felt pressured or rushed.
– I asked for advise and was walked thru the pros & cons that helped me make an informative decision.
– These folks know what they are talking about and are very open & generous when it came to pricing (ie: they took the time to guide me thru basic things like ‘spot price’ )
– They are honest when recommending one product over another and they really do have special offers that are real.
OK, I think you get the drift!
[NOTE: I purchased over a holiday and my bank sent the wire transfer later then they promised. I was not aware of the bank mistake at the time which only added to my fear that I had possibly been scammed in some way… NOPE! Together we tracked the sale and they were real champs… I really believe that another company would not have bothered to take the calls from a frantic buyer!!]
This can be a big step in investing one’s hard earned dough.
I was pleased that I decided to invest (the value has increased well) and even more pleased that these folks were around to guide (basically hold) my hand.

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