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CNI GoldDealer
Average rating:  
 230 reviews
 by mike m

I would like to thank CNI for there honest straight forward business practice. The staff from Sal,Ken are all very good at what they do and with integrity.

Dana is in an exceptional human being,very knowledgeable,personal ,and most important is i trust her..She explained my questions in detail to where i felt confident on my purchase and she took her time.She did not rush to get me off the phone for the next sale.

 by Ken

AWESOME Company ..... Family Owned ..... Reasonable Prices ..... GREAT, CUSTOMER FOCUSED SERVICE ..... Have purchased from them twice and VERY HAPPY with each purchase ..... YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED

 by Eric
21 Years of Trust

I have enjoyed more than a dozen flawless transactions with California Numismatic Investments ( over the course of the past 21 years. I give them my highest rating for honesty, reliability, and professionalism. You can't ask for more than that! They have totally earned my complete loyalty and trust. Thank you CNI!

 by Eduardo
The best gold dealer in Southern California

I have been collecting coins and buying Gold & Silver bullion since I was a kid. So when I first discovered ( California Numismatic Investments) I thought I had died and went to heaven! The incredible selection they have makes me feel like a kid in a candy store every time I go there. And yes, out of all the shops and dealers in Southern California I choose to go there every time. Why? Because they have the best selection and I always find what I’m looking for there. They also have the best most competitive prices anywhere, and the live spot prices are always displayed on a big screen TV right there in the shop.
And on top of that, what sealed the deal for me to make this my go to one stop shop for bullion and numismatic coins is the high emphasis they put on customer service. It’s always a first class experience. I have had the pleasure of working with a professional there by the name of Harry Johnson. Harry is always courteous, patient and extremely knowledgeable about the products they have and the products I am looking for. Harry has always made me feel comfortable and welcomed every time I go there and I value his knowledge and his expertise and his ability to deal with customers. Thank you Harry! And Thank You ( California Numismatic Investments). It’s always a pleasure doing business with you.


 by Meghan
CNI/ : Worth its weight in gold

This are some sayings that come to mind when I think about CNI:

As good as gold-
I am not sure Angelino's are fully appreciating how lucky we are to have a business such as CNI available to us. They are well about the norm.

A gold mine of information:
I have learned so much from them. I don't feel like they baby me, but they give me the information I need in order easily expand my knowledge base.

Worth its weight in gold:
Absolutely. Consistently have the fairest if not best prices around. I think at times I think of them as the "Buy it now" store. They are so incredibly competitive that it takes almost no time to go from "interest" to "ownership" on their items.

Sitting on a gold mine:
I have friends in other states that range from collectors to stackers. They always tell me how jealous they are that I have CNI so close to me.

Golden years:
Some day their customers will look back through their history with CNI and know they those were golden years.

Golden oldies:
35 years and still running strong. I have never had a bad experience with them and I will continue to rely on them for the bulk of my acquiring my holdings of wealth and knowledge.

I have worked with Ken Edwards, The other Ken, Alex and Harry a little bit. All gave me a great deal of respect and patience when I was new.

Alex is my primary and I appreciate him so much.

The main security guy is so attentive and friendly and I feel completely safe there.

If you are new to collecting or stacking, do yourself a favor and give them a try. They are very busy and professional. They will not baby you. Know what you want. Have your questions written out. They are as busy as they are because they are efficient.

I echo a comment below my own:
"I consistently research to see if there are any other companies around the country that can beat their prices and as yet have never found even one - EVER. The best thing about CNI - they have proven to me time and time again that they are the most trustworthy coin dealer in the country.5 Stars"

Thank you CNI, you have made my journey rich in knowledge and enjoyment. I am so happy that my friend John introduced me to you.

 by Chaz54
100 %

If you are searching for a REPUTABLE company, look no further.
I was just reviewing my purchase when I noticed I had not reviewed this company; I’m now going to rectifying that oversight.
It can be a ‘minefield’ out there (as opposed to a precious metal mine!) and it is becoming increasingly hard to trust, no matter how well one thinks they did their research.
I did A LOT of research but still, as a novice, I was truly worried when it came down to the actual purchase/wire transfer.
This is what matters:
- No question was too small.
- I never felt pressured or rushed.
- I asked for advise and was walked thru the pros & cons that helped me make an informative decision.
- These folks know what they are talking about and are very open & generous when it came to pricing (ie: they took the time to guide me thru basic things like ‘spot price’ )
- They are honest when recommending one product over another and they really do have special offers that are real.
OK, I think you get the drift!
[NOTE: I purchased over a holiday and my bank sent the wire transfer later then they promised. I was not aware of the bank mistake at the time which only added to my fear that I had possibly been scammed in some way… NOPE! Together we tracked the sale and they were real champs… I really believe that another company would not have bothered to take the calls from a frantic buyer!!]
This can be a big step in investing one’s hard earned dough.
I was pleased that I decided to invest (the value has increased well) and even more pleased that these folks were around to guide (basically hold) my hand.

 by Anonymous

Best Coin/Bullion company I have ever worked with. They treat customers like gold, precious and valuable.  I've referred at least ten people to Harry and he has never let me down - always polite, helpful and sending my friends back to me saying, thanks for the referral - Harry gave me good product and at a good price.  I consistently research to see if there are any other companies around the country that can beat their prices and as yet have never found even one - EVER.  The best thing about CNI - they have proven to me time and time again that they are the most trustworthy coin dealer in the country.

5 Stars

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