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Thank you Harry Johnson for a pleasurable experience.

California Numismatic Investments Incorporate
Last updated 5 days ago

  • on GoldDealer Review
  • Thank you (Harry Johnson) for a pleasurable experience. Recently I purchased silver bullion from GoldDealer (CNI) and the transaction was 2 thumbs up. First, the cost was right on or less than other dealers. Second and really more important to me was the communication from initial purchase to delivery. Most times when I make a large purchase my stomach cringes and I lose sleep wondering what is going to go wrong. From my initial telephone call I was put at ease and felt extremely comfortable. Harry Johnson explained the purchasing procedure, different options of payment, and time frame from placing an order to delivery. Once I placed the order, a confirmation number was given and it was almost immediately followed by an email confirming the purchase. Being a bit paranoid, I had a couple of questions and t emailed GoldDealer (CNI). Not only did Harry Johnson email me back, but followed up with a phone call. To me this is "personal service" that you don't find much of these days. This is why GoldDealer (CNI) has an A+ rating with the BBB. As Harry Houdini once said, "I shall return". Once again, thank you.


Ken and Alex treated me like a big investor!

California Numismatic Investments Incorporate
Last updated 12 days ago

  • on email
  • Ken and Alex treated me like a big investor! It is this personal attention to the average folks that makes us come back to this place.


I have done business buying precious metals with Ken Slater at GoldDealer (CNI) for years.

California Numismatic Investments Incorporate
Last updated 19 days ago

  • on Email
  • I have done business buying precious metals with Ken Slater at GoldDealer (CNI) for years. His service has been excellent! I would highly recommend him and GoldDealer (CNI) to anyone looking into buying gold or any other precious metals.


Live Pricing Online & In The Store Makes GoldDealer The Best Out There!

California Numismatic Investments Incorporate
Last updated 23 days ago

  • on Email
  • I have been buying and selling precious metals for the better part of ten years now, and I have yet to find another bullion dealer that can match GoldDealer (CNI) for price, quality, and integrity. Early on, before I knew any better, I shopped around comparing prices, terms, and products with all the large bullion dealers, but none of them could match GoldDealer (CNI). Their pricing is up front, fair, and is published in real time in their shop and on their website as well. You don't even have to live in California to buy from them; with free shipping on orders over 2,000 USD how can anyone go wrong? In all the years of trading with them they have always been spot on with their product and invoicing. I have purchased a lot of gold, silver, and platinum bullion from GoldDealer (CNI) without a single problem or hitch, and I strongly recommend them to anyone considering buying or selling precious metals.


CNI Paid Me The Most For My Silver!

California Numismatic Investments Incorporate
Last updated 28 days ago

  • on GoldDealer Review
  • I'm writing this review with hopes that other precious metal's holders will feel the same empowerment that I feel at this moment. Ive been buying physical silver for many years with confidence that there is no better place to store the value of my hard work. Having bought silver when it traded under $10 US Dollars to levels Id rather not mention I was in no rush to sell at todays price of $21.23. Due to circumstances out of my control (bad decisions made outside of precious metals) I was in need of cash. The interest on a short term loan for the amount I need didn't make sense, pawn shops are positioned to profit from the spread as well as the interest. I called many dealers, visited many coin shops and so called buyers over the past few days, which was becoming the worst experience I had ever gone through. Stacking Silver for me is more than a hobby, so I can only describe myself as heart broken to have heard from several local competitors that the silver market is soft. "no body is buying silver these days" One so called metals dealer told me. another said that "$20 an once is high in his opinion". Understanding that as dealers their profit is made between the price that they pay versus the price that they sell for, and that they do have costs of running a business I was not coming into this deal unreasonable. Im writing this review because the guys at GoldDealer (CNI) where professional, They did not disrespect me with reverse sales tactics, they did not disrespect themselves and the industry that they work in by trying to make me feel like a fool for putting my money in a market that they deal in. For over a decade I had not questioned silver until the day I was short paper, Again Thank you GoldDealer for confirming my belief. Looking forward to trading some soft money for the thing next visit


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