A Collector’s Guide to the Saint-Gaudens Coin

A Collector’s Guide to the Saint-Gaudens Coin

Saint Gaudens Coin

While platinum, silver, and gold coins tend to be inherently desirable, other coins derive their value from their history. This history is typically tied to the history of the United States of America, and the Saint-Gaudens coin is no exception. Here is a quick look at your collector’s guide to the Saint-Gaudens coin.

The Saint-Gaudens coin is one of many coins with a rich American history. President Theodore Roosevelt commissioned Augustus St. Gaudens to create new and more beautiful American coins, and this commission resulted in the Indian Eagle and Double Eagle designs. Although the first realization of the Double Eagle design retained St. Gaudens’ high relief feature, the relief was reduced in later mintages. Double Eagle coins minted in early 1907 marked the year in Roman numerals, but Arabic numerals were adopted later on. The Double Eagle coin is considered one of the most beautiful coins that the United States has minted.

While Saint-Gaudens’ Double Eagle coin was beautiful, it did not come without its fair share of controversy. Throughout 1907 and 1908, Double Eagle coins that did not feature the standard motto of “In God We Trust” were put into circulation. Theodore Roosevelt made this decision because he was unhappy with the motto, but Congress decided that it should be featured on the coin.

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Many Double Eagle coins were melted down as Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared the end of the gold standard, and only a few of them were held onto. The design was introduced again in 1986, using St. Gaudens’ original high relief feature. This new Double Eagle was never put into circulation, making it all the more valuable to numismatic collectors, investors, and enthusiasts.

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