Best Gold and Silver Dealer in USA on price and variety.

Mar 26, 2015 | | Potomac , MD
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

Harry and Gold Dealer Associates are the best price and top service. I am completely satisfied with their integrity and quality of product. I have shopped around and never found a dealer that provided FREE (for a min order of $2000) secure shipping and only marks up the final cost over spot from $25 for bullion bars, and $35 over spot for most coins. Finally, for the coveted Gold Eagle coins the price is Spot + $46.00. This is 30 to 50 dollars cheaper than any other dealer on the market and the minimum order can be as low as $2,000.00 per shipment. Buy 2 coins a shipment (Spot (3/26/2015) of 1200 + 46, and 1200 + 46 = $2492) each year and start a wonderful collection you can leave your family. Pulled from their site: If your invoice is less than $2000 the cost of shipping, insurance and handling is $25.00. I do note that shipping takes a few weeks but the product is guaranteed and insured. I never worry that a package will not reach me. I do have to be home or go to the package office sometimes as they require a signature to receive the product.

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