Essential Tips for Identifying Coins

Essential Tips for Identifying Coins

When you find gold or silver coins for sale in California, you may be tempted to take the bait. Before you do so, however, you should be armed with the knowledge of what an authentic coin should look like so you can protect yourself from scams. Continue reading for a few essential tips for identifying coins.

Professional Appraisal
Since certified rare coins can fetch prices that are exponentially greater than their denominations, you will not want to make any mistake about the authenticity of a coin. Whether you are buying a coin or selling what you believe to be an authentic coin, there are no winners when it comes to replicas. Authentic coins will bear certain marks that prove their legitimacy, while their replicas display similar marks; fortunately, these differences are not so subtle that they cannot be distinguished. A professional appraiser can help you ensure that coins are authentic.

American Eagle Silver Proof
In 1999, the United States Mint printed American Eagle Silver Proof coins. They sport a diameter of just over 1 and a half inches and contain about an ounce of silver; the silver content is noted on the coin with the inscription “1 OZ. FINE SILVER – ONE DOLLAR” around the bottom of the “tails” side of the coin. The same location on replica coins reads “ONE HALF POUND FINE SILVER .999.” The replica is also markedly larger and substantially heavier.

American Buffalo Commemorative Proof
Another prime example of phony versus authentic can be found in the American Buffalo Commemorative Proof silver dollar and its replica. The inscription “In God We Trust” and the denomination “One Dollar” appear on the authentic coin, but not on its replica. Instead, the replica promotes its “.999 Fine Silver” above the buffalo, a practice that is common in replicas but not in originals.

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