From A Loyal Customer!

Golddealer is the place to go to for collectors of all precious metals. Dana has been helping me for many many years, about 10 years. It all started when I was collecting the Lunar Series. Dana helped me find all the coins for the Lunar Series I and II. Some coins took weeks and others took months, but she got all of them for me. Now that’s amazing!!! Sometimes, I would call her once, twice or even three times a week but never did she make me feel that I was bothering her. She was always happy to talk to me. Now that I have collected all the coins for my Lunar Series, she helps me with other precious metals. When she has special coins, she lets me know and that makes me feel like she knows me…. personally. Just want to say thank you for all her hard work and know that she is appreciated. Thank you Dana!!! Your loyal customer, forever……..

5 Stars

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