Gold Marginally Higher on Fed Comments

Gold Marginally Higher on Fed Comments

Commentary for Thursday, Feb 27, 2014 – Gold closed up $3.60 at $1331.60 in trading pushed by the Yellen comments assuring everyone that quantitative easing will remain in place and that the Fed remains “vigilant”.

Tension in the Ukraine provides some safe-haven buying and this morning the newly formed government has asked the IMF (International Monetary Fund) for monetary assistance. The problem with IMF intervention is that in many cases it sets up a scenario of handouts which last for decades. So are they really helping the world’s poor and developing nations? 

Today was a quiet rebound from yesterday’s $14.00 decline in gold. The dollar which has been on a slight advance of late was unchanged today on news of a drop of 1% in January durable goods orders. Also a rise of 14,000 new claims for unemployment felt like a non-event. Yellen’s testimony today was virtually unchanged from her comments a few weeks ago so we can expect low rates for an extended period of time. She seemed convinced that recent US economic slowdown was weather related but did give herself some wiggle room and both her and other FOMC members see no reason to change the current course of diminished quantitative easing. Chuck Schumer had no trouble asking her if the economy continues to slow would the Fed modify their tapering program and she was adept as Bernanke in keeping her answers on point but vague enough to instill Wall Street confidence. The big seller in gold today was the American Gold Buffalo 1 oz.

Silver closed up $0.06 at $21.31 and we continue to see virtually no large physical sellers. From Debbie Carlson (Kitco): Silver Stays Under $22/Oz to Dismay of Investors – UBS – Silver has found breaking through $22 an ounce difficult and this is likely frustrating investors, says UBS. After this year’s rally, silver pulled back on Wednesday after trying to take out that level all last week. “Silver might currently be experiencing some form of indigestion: the 110 (million-ounce) increase in net-long positions in the last two weeks may have been too much, too fast for the market to take,” UBS says. However, they note the rise in net-long positioning was on mostly short covering, with only some new longs added. “Given silver’s volatility and the overall difficulty in trading this white metal, it is not difficult to see why recent longs would be easily tempted to book profits. These positions would have been initiated from early February through to early last week and silver has gained nearly 14% during this time,” the firm says. Today the RCM 100 oz Silver Bar was popular with investors.

Platinum closed up $25.00 at $1453.00 and palladium also closed higher up $11.00 at $742.00. The strike has been in place for more than a month now and there is also talk about increased imports of platinum jewelry into India because limits are still in place for gold. The Australian Platinum Platypus 1 oz is still outselling all our other 1 oz platinum coins.

The walk-in cash trade was average today despite the first round of rain. And the phones were busy all day so our Activity Number (3) is disappointing.  

The Activity Scale is a “3” for Thursday. The CNI Activity Scale takes into consideration volume and the hedge book: (last Friday – 5) (last Monday – 5) (last Tuesday – 4) (last Wednesday – 3) (Thursday – 3). Our scale (1 through 10) is a reliable way to understand volume numbers.


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