Gold Moves Lower on Profit Taking

Gold Moves Lower on Profit Taking

Commentary for Wednesday, Feb 26, 2014 – Gold closed down $14.80 today at $1328.20. For 12 of the past 14 days gold moved steadily higher and today we saw a round of profit taking. Helping the slide was a stronger dollar but it is significant that gold is still trading above its 200 day moving average of $1305.00 so I would not get out the aspirin just yet even though UBS is predicting even lower prices. The Australian Gold Kangaroo 1 oz was a great seller today.

Jim Wyckoff (Kitco) makes an interesting point that gold may also have seen some selling pressure because the European Union is moving to loan Ukraine funds so that the country might avert financial collapse. The perpetual lending to countries in danger of default is a hidden mechanism which supports gold in the longer term. Today’s world of mega-finance may seem untouchable but the fear of a domino type collapse keeps stoking the fires of unsafe lending practices. The dollars necessary today are unbelievable and in many cases the lender in this the case the EU will never see the payback. This unending increase in debt should be feared by investors who believes “all is right” in world politics. And the worst part of this mess is that lenders may have few options.

Silver closed down $0.71 at $21.25 after a recent push to higher ground which saw an almost 15% increase in prices so profit taking was also in the cards. The Austrian Silver Philharmonic 1 oz and the American Silver Eagle 1 oz sold well today.

Platinum followed gold down $13.00 at $1428.00 and palladium was off $5.00 at $731.00. The miners strike in South Africa continues but no one seems to care even though the loss of manufactured product could approach 230,000 ounces of platinum.

Profit taking by paper traders is good for the gold business because it keeps everyone on the same page and focused. Like I have been saying for sometime expect overhead resistance to set the stage and consider recent rallies a bonus. The technical picture for gold looks better short term but open up the frame and consider pricing back to the summer of last year. During this one year period gold bottomed twice ($1200.00) and has been struggling ever since to regain the important $1400.00 mark. This latest attempt ran into the same resistance so until gold can assert itself above $1400.00 consider today’s price action range bound between $1200.00 and $1400.00. A break above $1400.00 would be big for gold and mean we could then challenge the fundamental breakdown in pricing seen in 2012 when gold failed to maintain strength at the $1800.00 level. Of course by the time this happens investors looking for a lock bet will have left $300.00 on the table. So my usual step approach makes sense as long as upward momentum maintains itself and if the market goes flat to lower just step aside and wait until outside metrics support higher gold prices. The great thing about physical ownership is that it allows for a great deal of flexibility and options all over the place.  

The walk-in cash trade was active today but not hurried and we are seeing an increase in new customers. Also keep in mind the weather in LA is getting nasty by California standards which will slow business into the weekend. The phones were also just average.  

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