The Staff At GoldDealer Is Honest & Experienced

Jun 12, 2015 | | Las Vegas , NV
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

C.N.I. continues to provide services in shifting market swings without flinching. I continue to be thankful that years ago I found CNI as a provider with fulfilled promises and no surprises. At first, I suspiciously thought that there be even less expensive dealers out there, but if there is a company better than CNI, once you put everything into the mix, I can’t find anyone. Other houses may offer special this or discount that, but it is hardly a deal when you have non-monetary costs like inexperience or questionable trust to offset a “value.” I’ve learned it is much more than price that makes a good deal, and when you find quality precious metals less expensive, you better expect to wait longer and wonder if you will ever see your order. In days when you see fear motivating buyers versus quality, it is best to know sales are generated by a non-commissioned staff, shipping is flawlessly packaged and orders either arrive on time (or sometimes earlier). I feel better knowing that I can trade questionable paper currency (checks, or cashier’s checks, too) for something I can place in my hands and never worry if the value will be worthless. It is nice to know some things can be consistent, and thankfully the folks at CNI offer that generously.

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