Great Organization and Services

Sep 17, 2013 |
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

Dear CNI Management,
I wanted to take the time to offer thanks to your organization and the services of Harry Johnson these past 10 years.  Both my brother and I have conducted countless transactions – and offered your services to many others by referral – and we have never had one single solitary mishap.  Every transaction was handled flawlessly. 
My family and I have been challenged financially in this economy this past 6 years.  Our ability to maintain our savings – and grow it – through investing in hard assets like precious metals has been a critical factor in transitioning professionally as the major bread winner for this family.  It has given us margin, and time to maneuver and reposition.  The counsel of Harry Johnson in the investing in this form of asset – navigating the different options – gold IRA’s, types of metals, different mixes of weight and denominations, etc.  A patient and exhaustive effort on his part.  We were guided – as were a long list of referrals – arm in arm – through the process of establishing a level of comfort in these transactions.  Then the service and support after the sale carried the same level of professionalism and attention to detail. 
Folks – this sort of operation is hard to find today in a world focused on margin and maximizing profits at every expense – including service and trustworthiness.  I am sure this organization is profitable – but for all the right reasons.
Thank you Harry – and the team at CNI.

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